Other Publications

  1. CdSe/CdMnS Nanoplatelets with Bilayer Core and Magnetically Doped Shell Exhibit Switchable Excitonic Circular Polarization: Implications for Lasers and Light-Emitting Diodes
    A. Najafi, S. Tarasek, S. Delikanli, P. Zhang, T. Norden, S. Shendre, M. Sharma,A. Bhattacharya, N. Taghipour, J. Pientka, H. V. Demir, A. Petrou, T. Thomay
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  2. Strong Plasmon-Wannier Mott Exciton Interaction with High Aspect Ratio Colloidal Quantum Wells
    J. Yu, S. Hou, M. Sharma, L. Y. M. Tobing, Z.Song, S. Delikanli, C. Hettiarachchi, D. Zhang, W. Fan, M. D. Birowosuto, H. Wang, H. V. Demir, C. Dang,
    Matter, 2, 1550 (2020).

  3. Luminescence of Gold Nanorod-Quantum Dots Complexes
    L. L. Trotsiuk, A. O. Muravitskaya, O. S. Kulakovich, S. V. Gaponenko and H. V. Demir
    International Journal of Nanoscience 18, 1940002 (2019).

  4. Engineering Quantum Dots with Different Emission Wavelengths and Specific Fluorescence Lifetimes for Spectrally and Temporally Multiplexed Imaging of Cells
    B. Zhang, C. Yang, Y. Gao, Y. Wang, C. Bu, S. Hu, L. Liu, H. V. Demir, J. Qu and K.-T. Yong
    Nanotheranostics, 1, 131 (2017).

  5. Photometric design of color-conversion LEDs
    H. V. Demir, T. Erdem, S. Nizamoglu and X. W. Sun
    SPIE Newsroom (2011).

  6. FRET-LEDs involving colloidal quantum dot nanophosphors
    S. Nizamoglu, E. Sari, J.-H. Baek, I.-H. Lee, X. W. Sun and H. V. Demir
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  7. InGaN/GaN-based quantum modulators break record for blue electroabsorption
    E. Sari and H. V. Demir
    SPIE Newsroom, (2007).