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Programs we offer

MA in Curriculum and Instruction


The in-service M.A. program is aimed at practising teachers. In this program, we are able to include educators and teachers from all subject areas at all levels of educational institutions, from primary school to university level. 

MA in Curriculum and Instruction is a part-time program,  designed for teachers, mentors, supervisors who wish to develop their knowledge base, deepen their understanding, and enhance their skills.  The program enables participants to meet the needs of the educational institutions where they work, and encourages school-based research. It will enable participants to assist in the professional development of colleagues within their area. Those seeking positions of responsibility in a school will be able to offer an extended informed theoretical and practical background of relevance to their duties in such positions. 

The program is designed to allow interdisciplinary participants the opportunity to engage in issues concerning curriculum development, instructional design and evaluation. The focus is also on advancing the research and knowledge base in the field of curriculum and instruction.  

We offer two evening courses every semester. Participants take a total of 8 three-credit courses and 3 non-credit courses in two years, and complete the thesis in their third year. 


MA in Curriculum and Instruction with
IB Teaching and Learning Certificate

Poster in English

Poster in Turkish

This is a new program at Bilkent University designed for newly qualified teachers who wish to study for a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

In a full-time program, students participate in professional development courses to support their future career. Courses are taken for two years with an additional year to complete the thesis if needed.

Courses explore curriculum theory and instructional practice. Students also enroll in classes from other disciplines of the university to gain further knowledge and skills related to their own subject area.

Students will also become part of the school community of a partner school, implementing innovative teaching strategies and conducting school-based research.

Students’ research will investigate issues in curriculum and instruction and will contribute to improving the quality of education.

The program includes a study of international education (this may include a visit to schools in England during students’ fourth semester). Graduates are eligible for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate in Teaching and Learning.


PhD in Curriculum and Instruction


The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction degree is for professional practitioners in education, including school teachers who want to continue their education. The PhD program intends to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and methods of inquiry through independent and original research. 

The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction is a part-time program, designed for professional practitioners in education, including school teachers, who wish to continue their education while still working as educators. 

The program enables participants to develop knowledge and skills both to extend their own practice and also assist in the professional development of colleagues within their area. It expects participants to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and methods of enquiry through independent and original research, allowing them to make an effective and up-to-date contribution to quality education within the education sectors in Turkey. 


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Every year, we have two application cycles. Currently, we are accepting applications for Fall 2021 enrollment. The next application cycle for Spring 2022 enrollment will have a December 2021 application deadline.

Dear Applicants,
Various constraints and considerations due to COVID-19 pandemic may affect applicants in providing all required application documents (e.g. GRE/ALES; TOEFL/IELTS) by the deadlines set by the departments. If this applies to you, I would like to inform you that we still welcome applications, and I suggest you go ahead and start the application process. Please note that all applicants who are admitted will be required to submit all required documents at the time of registration to Bilkent University.
Stay safe and healthy,

Alipaşa Ayas
Director, Graduate School of Education



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