Abstract: The United Nations set 17 goals for Sustainable Development back in 2017. Those 17 goals are not always applicable in all countries and cases. It is important to integrate these goals with corporations, financial institutions, and public authorities (law makers). As we are ending the fossil fuel era, energy transition is emerging for the 21th century. There are many misconceptions about carbon reduction and decarbonization. To understand a green and circular economy, it is necessary to start from the industrial revolution and move forward to understand and implement renewables. As a female entrepreneur actively focusing on sustainability and green energy for more than 14 years, Sedef Budak will give an intensive speech to help the audience understand what is really happening on climate warming site, and what the Paris agreement and COPE are all about.

About the speaker: Sedef Budak graduted from Bilkent University, Tourism and Hotel Management faculty in 2000. Her experience is acquired from national and international supply chain management, vendor compliance and business development activities on behalf of world ranked number one British and American retail brands (business volume of 3.5 million USD/year) between 2000-2007. She leveraged her technical skills in renewable industry, has worked as a Bid Partner of well-known Chinese and European technology providers, and managed more than 13.000 MW power generation units and EPC tenders in Turkey during 2007-2012. Since 2012, she has worked for WINDFOR S.r.l. as an Independent Consultant, performing site inspections, administrative and commercial studies, financial evaluation (investment budgeting, OPEX and CAPEX analysis), monitoring of financial progress, and reporting accordingly. Sedef completed 1.8 GW Wind and 200 MW Solar lenders engineering services collaboration with Windfor/Vector Renewables. She is currently managing her own company and brand Secret Power Renewable Energy Services, focusing development of on shore wind farms, solar farms (under licenced and unlicenced regulation) and executing. She is also the founder president of Turkish Women in Renewables and Energy Network, which is the only women’s group dedicated to gender equality and women’s employment in energy transition.

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