The department employs qualified academics who instruct, mentor, and supervise students. Every member of the faculty has been a school teacher. They come with a passion for their subject area and a commitment to effective teacher education, bringing also their own research interests. From them, students learn how to teach their own subject in parallel with their work in schools.

Necmi Akşit
Assistant Professor

Tijen Akşit
Assistant Professor

Anita Alexander
Assistant Professor

Orhan Arıkan
Director of Graduate School of Education

Armağan Ateşkan
Assistant Professor of Teaching Practice
Vice Chair of Educational Sciences Department

Alipaşa Ayas
Dean of Faculty of Education
Chair of Educational Sciences Department

İlker Kalender
Assistant Professor

Jennie Farber Lane
Associate Professor

Aikaterini Michou (Adjunct)
Assistant Professor

John O’Dwyer
Assistant Professor

Margaret Sands
Adjunct Professor

Burcu Yücel
Administrative Assistant