Associate Professor
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdat Çataloğlu has earned his Ph.D. in 2002 at Penn State University, USA in Curriculum and Instruction. Prior that, he did complete his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees at Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

He has started his carrier as a Physics teacher at a private high school in İstanbul. Then, he moved on to the academia and since 1993, he has been working at the university level in the faculties of education. He has thought and conducted research at different capacities at several universities.

Through these many years as a faculty member, he has had the opportunity of teaching numerous courses ranging from the fields of physics & math education as well as ICT related education. Currently, he has been teaching general education related courses as well as physics education related methods courses. He is also directly involved with schools and monitoring and supervising pre-service teachers in schools as a part of their intern teachers practice courses.

His research area is mostly focused on the development of innovative teaching and learning materials utilizing technologies guided by modern learning theories. Besides research publications, he does also value concrete reflections of his research outcomes. Towards that end, he has for example conducted in-service teacher training boot camps supported through a grant by TUBİTAK.

PhD. Penn State University

MA & BSc: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Research Interests:
Science Education; ICT and innovative teaching; Learning materials

Selected Publications and Presentations:
Cataloglu, E. & Ates, S. (2014).  The effects of cognitive styles on naïve impetus theory application of pre-service science teachers. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, Vol 12, No:4, p. 699-719.

Cataloglu, E. (2007) Internet-mediated assessment portal as a pedagogical learning tool: a case study on kinematics graphs understanding. European Journal of Physics Vol. 28 pp. 767-776.

Cataloglu, E. (2006) Open Source Software in Teaching Physics: A Case Study on Vector Algebra and Visual Representations. TOJET 5 (1)

Çataloğlu, E. (2019) “Promoting In-Service Physics Teachers Use of Inquiry Based Teaching Through the Advance Use of Geogebra” International Conference on Science, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship and Technology Education, April 12 – 14, 2019, İzmir, Turkey

Cataloglu, E., & Ozdemir,Ç. (2014) “The development of an inquirey based larning unit for integral calculus: The case of volumes of solids of revulation. International Conference on education in mathematics, science & technology. May 16 – 18, Konya, Turkey.

Cataloglu, E. & Robinett, R. (2002) Testing the Development of Student Conceptual and Visualization Understanding in Quantum Mechanics through the Undergraduate Career. American Journal of Physics 70, 238-251

Other Notes of Interest:
TÜBİTAK 4005 Yürütücü (118B070) Fizik öğretmenlerine ileri düzeyde öğrenme ve araştırma temelli GeoGebra’nın kullanımı (2018-2019) TÜBİTAK Bilim ve Toplum Projeleri Destekleme Programı

BAB Yürütücü  Fen Ogretimi Amacli Dusuk Maliyetli Terminal Sunucu -istemci Temelli Bilgisayar Modeli Gelistirilmesi. AIBU Grant no. Date:25.04.2005-25.04.2006