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I started my career as a food engineer after graduating from Istanbul Technical University in 1997. After working for 2 years as a food engineer, I went to U.S. for 6 months. In this trip, I had a chance to attend language classes and explore fairly new culture for me. In 2000, I started M.A program in Biology Teaching at Bilkent University with full scholarship. During this program, I did my internship at Bilkent Primary and Secondary School, Bilkent Laboratory and International School, TED Ankara College and Istanbul Robert College. At the 3rd semester of M.A., I went to U.S. for 2 months. I did internship at Ames High School, Iowa and attended seminars at Iowa State University.

After I finished M.A. in Biology Teaching (2002), I started to work at Bilkent University as an instructor. At the same time, I taught Biology and science at Bilkent Schools for 2 years as a part time teacher. Without being a teacher, it is impossible to train teachers.

Since I have a very high motivation at education with technology, I started PhD at Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Department at Middle East Technical University in 2003. I finished PhD in 2008. From 2009-2012, I worked as an Educational Technologist at an International School at Mons, Belgium.

I came back to Turkey in 2012, and continued to work at Graduate School of Education at Bilkent University. I am training future teachers. I became Faculty-School Partnership coordinator in 2016. In 2020, became Assoc. Prof in Curriculum and Instruction (CoHE). Currently, I am a vice-chair of Department of Educational Sciences.

Ph.D. Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Middle East Technical University

MA. Biology Teacher Education (Full tuition scholarship), Bilkent University

BSc Food Engineering, Istanbul Technical University

Research Interests:
Curriculum and instruction; Instructional design; International education: Education for sustainability; Health education; Energy education; Outdoor education; ICT in education; Computational thinking

Selected Publications and Presentations:
Ateskan, A. (2016). Pre-Service Teachers’ Cultural and Teaching Experiences Abroad, Journal of Education for Teaching, 42(2), 135-148.

Ateskan, A., Lane, J.F. (2016) Promoting Field Trip Confidence: Teachers Providing Insights for Pre-Service Education, European Journal of Teacher Education, 39(2), 190-201.

Ateşkan, A., Lane, J. (2018) Assessing teachers’ systems thinking skills during a professional development program in Turkey. Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, 4348-4356.

Dulun, Ö., Lane, J. & Ateşkan, A. (2019) Student perceptions of successful learning support for an international high school programme: a comparative case study in Turkey, Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education49(6), 905-923

Yıldırım Usta, I., Ateskan, A. (2020). The level of knowledge, attitude and interest of Turkish high school students towards cancer, Health Education Journal, 79(8), 875-887.

Other Notes of Interest:
“Etkili alan eğitimi mentorluk modeli oluşturulması ve mentorluk eğitim programının geliştirilerek uygulanması”, TÜBİTAK 1001, Researcher, November 2020-2023, 339 000 TL.

“Analyzing the importance of indoor air quality in primary school and its impact on student performance to develop sustainable design proposals”, TÜBİTAK GEBİP Yasemin Afacan, Education Expert, May 2019- June 2020.

“Strengthening Teacher Capacity in Relation to School and Classroom Based Assessment (SCBA)”, UNICEF, Science Education Expert, October 2017-December 2018, 700 000 TL.

“MYP implementation in Turkey”, International Baccalaureate Organization, Principal Investigator, February 2015-February 2016, US $55,000.

“TÜBİTAK 4005 Project: Education for Sustainability”, Principal Investigator, June 2015-June 2016, 24 000 TL.

“Bird-watching education workshop”, Principal investigator, October 2014-July 2015, US $2,000.

“Alignment between the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP) and the National Education (MoNE) High School Diploma Programs in Turkey and their effect on the later achievement and development of university students”, International Baccalaurate Organization, Principal Investigator, September 2013-September 2014, US $47,000.