UFOLAB occupies a 200 square-meter-wide HEPA-filtered, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art research space on the ground level with a vibration-dampening foundation. UFOLAB currently has about a dozen short-pulsed fiber laser systems, all of which we have developed in-house as part of our research. These numerous lasers generate pulses ranging from 35 fs to few picoseconds and few nanoseconds. Many lasers systems are amplified and deliver ┬ÁJ-level pulse energies, typically with 1-10 W, but up to 100 W of average power. A wide range of equipment and infrastructure is available to support the research activities, including common optical and electronic characterization and fiber processing equipment. As much of our activity uses these ultrafast lasers to interact with matter in one form or another, every lab now contains at least one setup where an ultrafast laser is combined with (typically home-made) microscope system for simultaneous imaging. In addition to its in-house capabilities, we have access to the extensive central facilities (cleanroom infrastructure, SEM, AFM, XRD, XPS, TEM equipment) of UNAM at Bilkent University.