Can students share their screens with me?

Yes! The default value is set to no, though, as most Bilkent classes are lectures which student screen sharing may disrupt. To give presentations in class, however, students will need to be able to share their screen.

(N.b., If students/guests are giving presentations in your class, it may be worth making them cohosts/hosts instead, so they can record themselves and use all the Zoom features)

The host can enable/disable participant screen sharing using the methods below.

In Windows/Mac/PC:

Quick Method:

  • click the “Security” button (shield icon)
  • check there is a tick next to “Allow participants to…. Share Screen”
  • if not, click “Share Screen”

Second Method:

  • click the up arrow next to the “Share Screen” button;
  • select “Advanced Sharing Options…”;
  • set “Who can share?” to “Only Host” or “All Participants” as required.

In iOS/Android:

Please contact support.