Using Zoom

These tutorials will help you learn to use the features of zoom to participate in and deliver your Bilkent classes.

Zoom terminology

  • Host: The person who schedules and starts a meeting. This person has control over many aspects of the meeting, and can share their computer screen, mute other participants microphones, transfer host rights to another participant, or kick someone out of the meeting, etc. When the host leaves a meeting, the meeting ends.
  • Participant: Everyone except the host. Participants can mute/unmute their own microphones, start/stop their own video, share their screens, chat message the host and all/certain participants, etc. What participants can do and how they can interact is set by the host.
  • Speaker: The person who is talking in the meeting. “Speaker” mode is voice activated. A speaker’s video will be framed with yellow and his/her video will appear larger frame in “Speaker View”.