Install on Linux

Visit and open a Zoom account (for step-by-step details see Set Up Your Zoom Account).

Visit to download the software on your Linux computer.

The server will detect the your OS and offer a list of available variations of Zoom packages. Please pick an appropriate distro and architecture and download the package.

When the download is complete, you can install the package using your distro’s package manager. e.g. For Debian & Ubuntu:

 dpkg -i Downloads/zoom_amd64.deb

If you are using a Chromium-based browser on Ubuntu, you can just click the download tab at the bottom of your browser, and Ubuntu Software will open and install it.

Start Zoom using your desktop environment’s menu. For GNOME on Ubuntu it will look like:

Login to your Zoom account:

The first time you login, it is highly recommended to test your audio/video accessories and their settings. Zoom will be useless unless your audio and video devices are in working condition.

To test your speakers, choose the speaker set you want to use with Zoom. If there are more than one audio output port on your computer (even if you have one set of loudspeakers) you might have to try choosing different speakers to hear the test sound when you click the “Test Speaker” button at the top.

Next, you must test your microphone. Choose a microphone and talk into your microphone. If you see the “Input Level” bar moving while you talk, then you have chosen the correct microphone.

Next, testing the video… If your web cam is properly installed, you should already be seeing yourself. A few tweaks would be nice though…

Screen size is up to you. Widescreen should be fine. Enabling HD might cause quality degradation since it requires more bandwidth off your Internet connection. Turning off your video when joining a meeting might be a good idea; you can turn your video on/off anytime you want during a meeting. Similarly hiding Non-video participants will save you screen space.

Other “Settings” options on the left side of this screen are not crucial. You might want to look into them later.

When you are sure that your microphone and loudspeakers are both working, you can close this window and go back to the main menu window.

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