Join a Bilkent Zoom Class

(If you are in the English Language Preparatory Program please read Join a PREP Zoom Class / İngilizce Hazırlık Öğrencileri İçin” )

Bilkent zoom video classes will start and end at the times shown in your SRS class schedule.

All Zoom logins should be done through the SRS system. You do not need to know the meeting ID or password to join the meeting.

To join a class meeting, first logon to you SRS accounts and click “Attend Online Lectures (Zoom)“:

Then click the appropriate “Join Online Lecture” link to join your class meeting.

N.b., Joining lectures with the Zoom Meeting ID will not work.


  • “Nobody can hear/see me!” Check you have joined audio and started video

Dos and Dont’s

DO put on your headphones before joining to reduce the danger of sound distortion and echo (See FAQ on audio problems)

DO NOT connect to the meeting through more than one device in the same room. If you do need to for some reason, make sure that everyone is wearing headphones and keep all the microphones muted (“on silent”) whenever possible (See FAQ on audio problems)

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