Use a Bilkent Classroom Zoom Account

As of Monday 23rd March, Bilkent teachers can start Zoom video classes at the normal start and end times shown in their AIRS/BUSEL class schedules.

Each physical classroom on our Bilkent campus has a Zoom account that teachers must use to deliver scheduled classes.

Please DO NOT use these classroom accounts for office hours, individual tutorials, or other meetings. They are for scheduled classes only.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the classroom accounts:

Find Classroom Zoom Account Details in AIRS/BUSEL

To sign in to the Bilkent classroom Zoom account, you will need a username and password. These can be found in your AIRS/BUSEL class schedule (remember, the account details may be different for different class hours).

Please DO NOT share the any of these details with your students. Your students will be able to join your class meeting by simply clicking a link on their own SRS screen.

If you want to invite a guest (i.e., a guest speaker or student, or departmental observer, etc.) you should inform them about the “Zoom meeting ID” and its “Zoom Meeting Password” just prior to the actual class. Be aware that BCC will change the meeting passwords daily.

  • Zoom Account – the username (email address) of the classroom account, (this is the Bilkent room code, all lower case letters, no dashes, +, e.g.;
  • Zoom Account Pass – the password of the classroom account;
  • Zoom ID – this is the “Personal Meeting ID” (PMI) of the classroom account. You may use this to invite guests into your class. Neither you or your students will need this meeting ID. Your students will not be able to join your courses with this ID.
  • Zoom Meeting Pass – You may use this to invite guests into your class. Normally you won’t need to use or know this “Meeting password”. Your students will be able to join your courses without knowing this password. This password will be different every day.

You can also find all these details and email them to yourself by clicking the Zoom button in AIRS/BUSEL.

Please do not send/forward this email to your students. They will be able to join your class meeting by clicking a link on their own SRS screen.

Start the Zoom Application

A few minutes before the class is due to start, start the Zoom application on your computer/mobile device.

Sign Out of Any Open Zoom Accounts

When starting a class, teachers must remember to sign out of their personal/previous class Zoom account on all their devices so they can then sign in to the Zoom account of the physical classroom where they would usually teach the class.

Sign out of any open zoom accounts by clicking the profile icon, and scrolling down to select “sign out”:

Sign Out in Windows/Mac/Linux
Sign Out in iOS/Android

Sign In to the Bilkent Classroom Zoom Account

Remember to sign out of any open accounts first.

Important! Wait until 5-10 minutes before your class is due to begin (another teacher may be teaching in the classroom before you)

Use the account details you found in AIRS to sign in

  • Email – type the “Zoom Account” email address from AIRS (this is the Bilkent room code, all lower case letters, no dashes, +, e.g.
  • Password – type the “Zoom Account Pass” password from AIRS.
  • Do not check the “Keep me signed in” box when you log in!

When co-teaching a class (co-hosting)

Two teachers can sign into a classroom account from different internet connections (IP addresses). If you and your co-teacher are using the same internet connection, one teacher must sign into the account and the other must join the meeting as a guest. In either case, the host teacher can then assign the other teacher as a “co-host”. Please see the FAQ on co-hosting a class.

Start the Class Zoom Meeting

N.b., to use your personal Zoom account to host office hours or individual tutorials, follow this tutorial instead: Start your Zoom Meeting (Personal Zoom Account).

Important! Before starting the meeting, check that:

N.b., Please do not change any settings of the classroom accounts (profile picture, name, description, etc.). Keep in mind that these Zoom classrooms are exactly like physical classrooms; you are sharing them with other teachers and student groups.

To start your class meeting, click the “New Meeting” button.

N.b., please do not use the “Schedule” feature. There is no need to send/receive invitations. The students will join the class meeting by clicking the relevant link in their STARS schedule.


  • “Where are my students? Am I in the wrong place?” Check the Meeting ID by clicking the i information button. Is it the same as the “Zoom ID” in the current time and room in AIRS/BUSEL? (Set the Meeting ID/PMI)
  • “Nobody can hear/see me!” Check you have joined audio and started video:

You can use the new security features (shield button) to manage your participants and their permissions during the class:

Have a good class! 🙂

End the Class Zoom Meeting

You do not need to end the meeting if the class following the 10-minute break is yours and in the same classroom.

You must end the class meeting if another teacher is due to teach in the classroom following the 10-minute break.

To end a class meeting, click the “End Meeting” button and choose “End Meeting for All”.

If you had recorded the class, wait till the conversion finishes and when done, DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN-OUT (see Signing Out of your Zoom session above).

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