How can I invite students to my office hours/a tutorial?

(If you are teaching a scheduled class, please see the “Use a Bilkent Classroom Zoom Account” page instead)

For office hours and tutorials, you can use your (free) personal account (if you don’t have one yet, see “Get a Zoom Account“).

N.b., Zoom has now enabled passwords for all meetings in free Zoom accounts. By default, students may not be able to access your “Personal Meeting Room” without a password.

Invite Participants to Personal Meeting Room

To invite students to your “Personal Meeting Room” in your free, personal Zoom account:

  • sign in with your personal account;
  • start a meeting;
  • stop video;
  • then either:
    • note the “Meeting ID” and “Password” and share both with invitees;
    • click “Copy URL” to copy the “invitation URL” and share with invitees (they will only need to click this link once to access your Meeting Room).